Welcome to Siege Productions

Siege Productions is the perfect place to get your Christmas gifts customized to make them truly one of a kind

.We work on items made of wood, glass (including full bottles of wine), acrylics, coated metals (ex. anodized aluminum) and polished stone.

Give us a call at 260-241-2672 to schedule an appointment today.


We offer graphic design and CO2-based laser engraving services along with limited woodworking services (ex. creating hardwood plaques or custom signs for engraving).

CO2-based lasers have properties similar to a microwave in terms of the materials they mark. Wood, glass, acrylic, coated metals (ex. anodized aluminum) and polished black granite all engrave beautifully. Bare metal (ex. brass or stainless steel) does not engrave at all and natural stone can be extremely hit or miss.